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MONTH 2022

Road trips to the mountains wouldn't be the same without the lush green forest linings. Every person deserves to experience our natural Earth in all its glory and no less.

We believe that the onus is on us to do our part to make environmentally-conscious choices every day to keep our planet healthy. There are many ways to contribute to the cause and we are just one of many incredible organizations that are coming together to make a great environmental impact.

This year we invite you and the rest of our community to join us in an effort to keep Earth beautiful, green, and abundant for our children and our children's children 🌎

We are committed to planting one tree for each visit that we receive to the salon between April 5 - 30, 2022.

Feel good pampering your nails and filling your heart because we're devoting the whole month to reforesting our collective backyard.


Will you be a part of this collective journey? 🌲

How many trees will you plant? 🌳

Book Now and start making an environmental impact toward a greener Earth.

Photo above taken by me at Twin Cairns in 2019

Celebrate Earth Month With Us

Book an appointment and visit our salon between April 5-30, 2022 and we will plant a tree on your behalf. Each visit counts toward an individual tree. 


Photo above taken by me at Sulphur Gates in 2018

You & Our Community

Change starts with you and with your help, we will contribute toward a more environmentally-friendly society and make a positive impact on our planet Earth. 

Other ways to make a difference:

  • Volunteer to help clean up the City

  • Eliminate single-use plastic and invest in more sustainable options

  • Reduce energy usage including electricity and water

  • Walk or cycle instead of driving over short distances

  • Get inspired at:


Photo above taken by me at Twin Cairns in 2019


We have answers. Click here to start a conversation.


Photo above taken by me at MacTaggart Sanctuary in 2021

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